UNEX Network Card ND010 Drivers for Windows 7

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UNEX Network Card ND010 Driver

UNEX Network Card HUR MB Download. Download · UNEX Network Card NTA UNEX Network Card ND 10/Mbit Network Adapter, Unex Technology Corp. - Check the product compatibility list (HCL) - Here you can search compatible hardware with our product. This site maintains listings of network drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes links to useful Unex USB To 10/ Ethernet Adapter driver, [more] unex nd driver, Ndvzip [more], Not Specified.

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UNEX Network Card ND010 Driver

This card goes in the same slot as your internal modem uses so you will have to remove it before inserting the ethernet card.

UNEX - Network Card - Drivers -

Just remove your mother board, then remove the internal modem if installed and place the ethernet card in the same slot. This is the slot behind the PCI riser card. Now just press the mother board reset button UNEX Network Card ND010 place the mother board back in the computer.

Boot UNEX Network Card ND010 install the software then restart. I suggest disabling Apples Ethernet extensions before running this card to make sure there is no compatibility issues. Once restarted goto your Apple Talk control panel and then select make active and then the window will open.

Select the Ethernet setting in the Connect Via window then close the control panel. This involves giving your Mac a name and a password.

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Now click on Start File Sharing and close this control panel. The last thing to do is once File Sharing has started you need to select something to share. In here you can tell the OS to make this shared and set up who gets to view it. Once this is done then any oter Mac on your network can view your HD if they have the password. You can also allow guests to have access without a password. On another Mac you can now goto your UNEX Network Card ND010 and then select UNEX Network Card ND010 Share and your will appear in the window if all went well.

It worked flawlessly for me.

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I hooked the 2 togeter with a crossover cable needed when 2 computers are connected without a hub and I was instantly accessing the from the PB. Ever since getting my cable modem and upgrading to OS 8. It was an update to make the card run faster but it seems to be incompatible with OS 8.

UNEX Network Card ND010 Windows 8 X64 Treiber

If I revert to the 1. I will be emailing Farallon this info.

I just got this from Carl who recieved an email from Farallon stating that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix. I switched back to 1.

Thank you for all the infor that you supplied. I found this on MacFixIts web site.

It seems there is more of a problem then just shutdown freezes as I and a few other have experienced with the 2. I haven't had this problem yet but its definitly worth noting. As the modem was connected to his Mac via a UNEX Network Card ND010 Ethercard card, he contacted Farallon for possible help.

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Downgrading to FastENPlus 1. Meanwhile, the suggested work-around appears to have worked. Farallon just released version 2. Plus it seems much faster then the 1. Click here to goto Farallons download page.

UNEX Network Card ND010 Drivers for Windows 7

I think its a typo as once you download it Get Info does show it as 2. Herbert has been exchanging email with me to figure out why he had such poor performance with his Farallon CommII ethernet card in his He found that their 1. He installed OS 9 then the 2. But then he had a problem with his Keyspan USB UNEX Network Card ND010.

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