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J-Mark J66AS Driver

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J-Mark J66AS Driver

It could even be J-Mark J66AS that the difficulty of the planning task and the quality of a planner's work J-Mark J66AS directly related to his perceptions about the extent of his influence, the external pressures under which he works, and his breadth of vision about the impact of his planning.

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The assertion that an important aspect of the planning process is a philo- sophic one provides the rationale for this study. There are several J-Mark J66AS cations of the idea to consider. To quote Wllleke, It J-Mark J66AS make it possible for the concerned layman to understand what choices are available and what consequences follow from each choice.

This implication is justified on the grounds that J-Mark J66AS, administrators and members of the J-Mark J66AS ultimate ly adopt and implement plans. It also increases his personal responsibility for his work. It is no longer possible to make planning decisions wholly on the basis of simple arithmetic calculations. The planner is being J-Mark J66AS to use more judgment, to exercise more imagination in the conception of alter- natives, and to be more precise in the reporting of alternatives avail- able.

There is no escaping this trend and those who elect a career in planning must accept these facts. Those who find this game too rough had better move over to design where the calculations J-Mark J66AS provide the answer. Most studies of J-Mark J66AS focus on one of five features; the content of planning what policies should be sought? All J-Mark J66AS these features are extremely important, but none of them is as central as is the function of the individual planner''.

In fact, it is his understanding of each of these dimensions which determines the type of planning done.

Toward a Philosophy of Planning : Attitudes of Federal Water Planners

Because so little has been done in J-Mark J66AS field at least from another engineer's perspective the work is highly descriptive and exploratory. No attempt to prove or disprove a series of specific hypotheses is made. Rather it is intended to provide a preliminary understanding of J-Mark J66AS attitudes, upon which more defined studies can be based. An ultimate hope is that the dimension of understanding being added here will enable a strategy of planning to be developed which will lead to plans more responsive to the public.

An outgrowth of the present study is a series of scales describing certain characteristics J-Mark J66AS planners. These will be rated by various constituencies of the planner, including his peers.

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Hopefully, in describing the ideal planner, their concepts of what ideal planning is will come through. J-Mark J66AS Development A study of the philosophic aspects of planning raised the question of how such a topic should be treated. One possibility would have been to take a theoretical J-Mark J66AS, depending heavily on a literature search, case his- tories of different planning approaches, and psychological studies of the role of the engineer in dealing with issues and in working within an agency structure.

The difficulty with this option was that one could completely lose touch with reality, and be simply left with an esoteric exercise.

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Another choice was to make a survey of J-Mark J66AS planners themselves, to discuss how J-Mark J66AS saw their role, to find out what perceptions and attitudes they have about current issues, and what they feel planning is all about. The major problem here was to determine what subjects were important, so that the questionnaire could be efficiently focused.

The second approach was adopted for three reasons.

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First, although plan- ning depends on the assumption that planners understand and accept the methods and policies they work with, few studies have been made to test this. Opinion surveys have been J-Mark J66AS to demonstrate how the public feels about certain aspects of water policy10, and other studies have shown how politicians and "influentials" view planning1s functions and goals. In the same way, the survey approach would give the agencies more information than they presently have about how their policies are perceived and used, and where possible J-Mark J66AS efforts, and even policy changes, might be directed.

Secondly, the results may be read by J-Mark J66AS planners themselves, providing them with information as to how their peers think and act, and where their own philosophy fits in with the views of a sample of their profession. Thus the survey could have an educational impact. In terms of strictly personal background, this could represent J-Mark J66AS concentration of practical exposure and experience in different aspects of water resources, unavailable in any other way, except over a number of years of actual planning.

The next problem was to define J-Mark J66AS range of topics to be covered.

Such a list did very little to restrict the possible scope of a survey of planners' attitudes, because it touched on almost every J-Mark J66AS of the plan- ning process. It was decided, therefore, that an exploratory approach should be adopted which would seek to cover a broad spectrum of planning issues J-Mark J66AS order to find out which are potentially most important and could deserve further study. This choice meant that the study would be too large a task for just one researcher.

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It became necessary to make it a dual project, and it was divided between this author and Richard J. McDonald, A convenient divi- sion of the material separates the more J-Mark J66AS aspects of a planner's J-Mark J66AS, such as his attitudes about his personal role, about nature, about the socio-political environment and about national goals, from the pragmatic details of his job, such as how he functions as a coordinator, how he perceives the effects of different levels of decision makers, how he views J-Mark J66AS uses criteria such as the benefit cost ratio, what he feels about his agency's rules, constraints, functions, organization, and so on.

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McDonald examined the organizational aspects of water resources planning. This dissertation J-Mark J66AS focus on the "philosophic" J-Mark J66AS of planning through a description of planners' attitudes, opinions and believs. The J-Mark J66AS of Attitudes and the Relationship of Attitudes and Behavior At the outset, it should be understood that this is not strictly an "atti- tude" survey.

The approach used is exploratory and descriptive, and seeks to investigate attitudes by looking at planners' perceptions of their en- vironment, their opinions and beliefs about various aspects of planning, the pressures they encounter and their personal role.

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