New Drivers: HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch

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HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch Driver

The notebook PC may experience launch buttons that are slow to respond or that do not work as expected. To resolve common problems with the HP Quick  Missing: 2a09CA. Buy HP B Intel Laptop Motherboard s, Laptop Replacement Parts - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. HP Quick Launch Buttons, free download. Enables the special "Quick Launch" buttons on laptop models by HP. Review of HP Quick Launch  Missing: 2a09CA.

HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch 64 Bit

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HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch Driver

HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch Launch buttons enable you to quickly access the programs that you use most frequently. For example, if you frequently travel for your job to give presentations, you could program the Presentation button to always open a presentation that you frequently use—all you have to do is press the button and the presentation opens.

The HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch most commonly used Quick Launch buttons are the: Presentation button — enables you to always open a particular program and to view the screen on multiple displays by simply pressing the Presentation button. If the Quick Launch buttons software is installed, the Quick Launch icon displays in the system tray, so that it is always available and easily accessible.

HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch you have these icons, you have HP Quick Launch buttons. Another way you can determine if you have Quick Launch buttons is to look at the Product Specifications sheet for your particular notebook model.

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If you have a custom-to-order CTO notebook, a product specifications sheet may not be available. If HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch product specifications sheet is available for your particular CTO model, contact HP for help determining if your particular notebook model has HP Quick Launch buttons. You can download and install the most recent HP Quick Launch button software update.

HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch Windows 8 Driver Download

If the computer originally came with Windows Vista and has been upgraded to Windows 7 you must install the latest version of the Quick Launch Button software. Understanding HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch Quick Launch buttons options When you open the Quick Launch buttons software, you will see four tabs: Programmable buttons — enables you to select the action that you want each Quick Launch button to perform.

Q Menu — enables you to select which items appear on the Q Menu. You can also customize the Q Menu from this tab.

Quick Tile — enables you to select a window orientation for currently running applications. Preferences — enables you to set your preferences for displaying the Quick Launch HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch and Quick Launch desktop notifications. Understanding Programmable Quick Launch buttons Programmable Quick Launch buttons allow you to change the action that a particular Quick Launch button performs.

Browse — browse to a favorite program or web site and set that program or web site to always open as the action that occurs when pressing the applicable Quick Launch button.

HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch Windows

Presentation — enables you to open a program, file, or web site automatically and adjust your video and power settings for HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch viewing. Q Menu — provides a centralized location from which you can quickly access the programs, files, menus, and web sites that you use the most. For example, you could choose to keep the default Presentation action for the Presentation button, configure the action to open the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that you always use on business trips, and to display the presentation on both your notebook monitor and a presentation screen dual display.

Select an action to perform for each Quick Launch button by clicking the arrow to the right of the name of each action, select an action from the pop-up menu, click Apply, and HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch OK. The Quick Launch buttons will now perform the actions that you just programmed. Configuring the presentation settings for the Presentation action If you chose the Presentation action for one of your Quick Launch buttons, you will need to configure the presentation settings.

Configuring the presentation settings involves selecting the program, file, or web HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch that you want to open when you press the applicable Quick Launch button and configuring the display settings.

HP Notebook PCs - HP Quick Launch Buttons Do Not Work as Expected

When using Quick Launch buttons to show a presentation on an external monitor, it is important to know that you cannot switch between users during a presentation with an external monitor. If you have changed users, and a performance problem arises as a result, log off of the first user account and ensure that the second user account is logged in properly before continuing with the presentation. To select the program, file, or web site that you want HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch open when you press the applicable Quick Launch button, follow the steps below.

HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch Driver for Windows

On the Programmable Buttons tab, click Configure to the right of the Presentation action, and then click Browse. Navigate to the program, file, or web site that you want to open when you press the applicable Quick Launch button, click Open, Apply, and then OK. The Presentation button will now open the program, file, or web site that you have programmed it to open, unless you change HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch. Understanding the display settings for the Presentation action There are three display settings available that are commonly used for presentations: This is the only option that is available if your notebook is not connected to any other HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch.

Internal only refers to the LCD display in the lid of your notebook.

This option becomes available if you connect a second monitor or a projector to your notebook. This is a very useful HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch for business meetings, because it allows you to view what is on your own screen, while others can read on the second screen. This option becomes available if you connect a second monitor to your notebook.

An extended desktop treats both displays as one HP 2000-2a09CA Quick Launch display, so your desktop extends from one display to the other. You can open more than one application up to "full screen" size and view them side-by-side on the two monitors.

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