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Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver

Page 78 of SGHD Single-Band PCS GSM Phone w/ Bluetooth Transmitter You can insert two types of pauses: • p: inserts a pause of approximately two the data transmission between the phone and the browser gateway or server is encrypted. WIDCOMM Bluetooth for Windows /XP (BTW x, BTW 3. C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\ . Kommentaarid: 85 loe/lisa, Kasutajad arvavad 78 2 K 4 K Application Layer Gateway Service Microsoft Corporation. GATEWAY COMMUNICATIONS. .. Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. . Widcomm, Inc. C:4A Cygnus Microsystems (P) Limited F Bluetooth Interest Group Inc.

Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth XP

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Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver

The construction and operation of networks, such as second network 12, and bridges or routers, such as router 14, are well-known to those skilled in the art.

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At times, herein, the second network will be referred to as simply the Internet, it being that other forms of a second network are also operable with the systems, apparatus, and process of the present invention. Again, the construction and operation of the Internet and Intranets are well-know to those skilled in the art.

Likewise, routers, bridges, and other network devices such as hubs, gateways and Ethernet interfaces are well-known to those skilled in the art, and are available from a variety Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth sources including Cisco Systems, 3-Com, Farillion, Asante, etc. The wireless network system 10 of the present invention includes one or more servers 16, the single example of which is herein labeled S.

Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth

It should be noted that the server 16, serves as a gateway in that it performs a translation service between the first network and Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth second network. For example, the data packets on the first network include links and data types that are only applicable to the first network.

Conversely, data packets received from the second network are modified to include the links and data types before they are transmitted to the first network. It should be noted that while only a single server S is shown in this example that, in most cases, multiple servers, each with their own gateway to the internet, will be used Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth the first network. The wireless network system 10 further includes a number of clients 18, each including a client machine 20 and a radio modem The client machine 20 can be any form of digital processor, including a personal computer PCa computer workstation, a personal digital assistant PDAetc.

Wintel and Macintosh compatible computers are commercially available from a variety of vendors. Likewise, computer workstations and PDAs are available from a number of Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth. Radio modems, such as the radio modem 22, are further available from a number of vendors. The Gina band radio modems further include error detection and correction, can operate in asynchronous and synchronous modes, and can support data speed from to 64 kbps.

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Furthermore, the Gina radio modems can operate in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth. A server process, to be discussed in greater detail subsequently, is implemented on the server 16, and a client process, also to be discussed in detail subsequently, operates on each of the clients In the present invention, the client process operates, at least in part, on the client machine However, Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth alternative embodiment of the present invention, the client process can operate on the controller of the radio modem 22 of the client In wireless network system 10 illustrated in FIG.

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Therefore, the client 18 communicates via a radio link 28 with client 22A which relays the data packets from client 18B to server A client 18C has a direct line-of-sight to server 16, but is out Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth transmission range to the server As noted in FIG. In embodiment described herein, this optimization looks solely to the number of hops between the client and the server for the sake of simplicity.

However, other factors can also affect the quality of the data transmission. For example, the traffic, of data packets through a particular client modem may be large, such that is better to route the data from neighboring clients through other clients, even though there may be more hops involved with the alternative routing. Also, some radio links may be less robust or may be slower than other links, such that optimization may result in a routing of data around the less robust or slower links, even though it may increase the number of hops to the server Therefore, although the present preferred embodiment looks at only one single factor in its optimization process, it will be appreciated by those Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth in the art that multiple factors can be used to stabilize or optimize the wireless Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth system 10 of the present invention.

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It should also be noted that the wireless network system 10 of the present invention is quite robust in that it will survive the loss of one or more clients in the system. For example, if the client 18A Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth lost due, for example, to a power or system failure, the data packets of client 18C can be routed through the client 18D, and the data packets for the client 18B can be routed through clients 18C.

Therefore, the wireless network system 10 is highly robust and highly survivable under a number of adverse conditions.

Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver for Mac

In addition, the present invention permits mobile communication within the wireless Gateway P-78 WIDCOMM Bluetooth system For example, if the client 18D is a portable computer and is moved around within the wireless network system 10, it will opportunistically change its data communication path as better links become available. For example, if the client 18D is moved close to the client 18B, it may use the client 18B as its link to server Also, any routing through the client 18D from other clients such as 18C in this example will be updated and optimized as the data path for the client 18D changes.

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