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LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera Driver

Find great deals for Lytro ILLUM Digital Camera - Black. Shop with confidence on eBay! The Lytro Illum lures buyers with the promise of refocusable images, but its digital cameras—4 inches diagonally—and sharp at 1,k dots. The Lytro Illum is a new professional Light Field Camera that lets you create "Living pictures" that can be re-focused after shooting. We have a.

LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera Drivers for Mac

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LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera Driver

This gives you very good control over the area of re-focus, with a histogram on the right showing the areas inside and outside the refocus area.

Lytro Illum V2 Professional Light Field Camera Review

However, this can make focusing properly quite time-consuming. Using the updated camera firmware: Playback Aperture adjust with two fingers In playback on the camera, you can change the focus point simply by pressing the area on the screen.

Using the camera with the updated V2 firmware, you can alter the aperture to give a shallow depth of field or have the whole photo in focus, as well as alter the perspective view. The software has five main sections on the left-hand side: The Lytro LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera software v4. This means you can more quickly import images into the Lytro Desktop software, without having to process unwanted images.

Adjustments possible has been greatly increased in the latest version of the Lytro Desktop software v4. Beyond adjusting the aperture, you can also tilt and rotate the focal plane, create cinematic LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera, view images in 3D and share images. There are the LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera adjustments available that are found in most image editing applications including white balance, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks, highlights, shadows, saturation, vibrance and noise reduction.

Other updated options include: Auto tone, updated sharpening options give additional controls, Defringe correction has been added to enabled chromatic aberration correction, Built in lens flare reduction, Improved cropping tool plus Depth map editing.

LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera Drivers Mac

Lytro Animate - there are a number of animation options and effects available here. You can share your photos onto the Lytro website where they are embedded in a Lytro viewer that allows you to set the focus position, alter perspective or view an LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera version of it.

LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera Drivers Windows XP

There are built in options to share the images to px, Facebook and the Lytro website. Sharing the images onto the Lytro website is the quickest way to get an interactive living picture.

LYTRO ILLUM 40 Megaray Light Field Camera: Digital Photography Review

As the Lytro raw files are around 53MB in size, a large memory card is recommended and importing photos from the Lytro Illum camera into the Lytro Desktop software can take quite a while. You can get a better idea of what the software is doing and how much progress is being made creating movies, for example, by selecting the "Show LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera option from the Window drop down menu.

Creating videos from the animate section of the software is quite time consuming. The Desktop software requires OS X There is a more detailed list of requirements available on the Lytro website.

Lytro Illum

To edit an image in Photoshop, you go to the single picture view, select LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera from the top menu, and then select Edit in Photoshop. A display overlay shows the photographer the relative focus of all objects in the frame, and which elements are re-focusable. It also features a USB 3.

Top nearMiddle farBottom full depth.

LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera Driver

Light-field photography also known as plenoptic photography captures information about the intensity of light in a scene, and also captures information about LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera direction that the light rays are traveling in space. Lytro's light field sensor uses an array of micro-lenses placed in front of an otherwise conventional image sensor; to sense intensity, color, and directional information.

Users are able to convert the Lytro camera's proprietary image into a regular 2D LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera file, at any desired focal distance. Variable depth of field and "refocusing": Lytro's "Focus Spread" feature allows the depth of field depth of focus of a 2 dimensional representation of a Lytro image to be expanded after a picture has been taken. In some cases this may be the entire 2D image field.

Users also are able to "refocus" 2D images at particular distances for artistic effects. The Illum allows the "refocus-able" and "Focus Spreadable" range to be selected using the optical focus and zoom rings on the lens. The Illum also features "focus bracketing" to LYTRO ILLUM Digital Camera the refocusable range by capturing 3 or 5 consecutive images at different depths.

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