Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem Driver Windows

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Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem Driver

Actiontec – MIWR Rev E (Verizon Firmware), admin, password1 . AusLinx – AL (Conexant Firmware) .. Cisco – EPC 2-port Voice Gateway (Cisco Firmware), admin, admin . D-Link – DGL (D-Link Firmware), admin Olidata – Modem ADSL Router (GlobespanVirata Firmware). E) S DFE CardBus Fast Ethernet S DFE CardBus Fast S 10C2 NetRAID-4M O 12D9 PCI VoIP Gateway S A PCI VoIP Gateway O 4C53 S 3D PROPHET XT S 3D PROPHET S 3D AC'97 Modem Codec O 10CF Conexant Soft 56K Modem S Conexant. Results 1 - 48 of 72 - Conexant RDD Internal PCI Modem Card Dailup. You are purchasing .. Gateway ED Modem RDD Conexant E

Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem Drivers for Windows XP

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Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem Driver

As discussed above, a master is elected from within the Group.

The elected master is the only member of the RG which responds to host ARP requests for a gateway address, in this case, the shared gateway VIP address. As illustrated by the example in FIG.

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Responding with one of the VMAC addresses binds the requesting host b to one of the RG members for default gateway services. In the example shown in FIG.

Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem Driver Download

As long as the host's gateway ARP cache holds this VMAC address, the host b will send its outgoing traffic to the assigned gateway. Depending on the system and the needs of the hosts, various load-sharing algorithms can be implemented to divide the hosts on the LAN or subnet among the participating RG members for default gateway services. A simple or weighted round-robin method can be used in which each successive host Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem assigned to the next RG member in a sequence.

The hash yields one of the available default gateways out of all eligible RG members. The distribution function can be implemented Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem that a hash is performed on the source MAC address of the ARP request itself, yielding one of N answers where N is the number of active RG members.

Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem Drivers for Windows XP

As will be appreciated, the load balancing function under this distribution algorithm is as effective as the randomness of the source MAC addresses of the ARP requests. In another embodiment of the present invention, the load balancing allocation function can Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem into account weighting of the responses to direct a specific percentage of the hosts to specific RG members, for example based on uplink interface states.

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If a particular RG member master or slave is not heard from for a specific Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem of time, the RG member is then determined to be down and appropriate action is taken. In the context of the present invention, therefore, two different failure scenarios are considered and addressed.

Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem Download Drivers

In the example presented in FIG. When member c fails in the preferred embodiment that is, when the member fails to broadcast keep-alive hellos in a timely fashionthe current Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem RG member a assumes the load sharing responsibilities of the failed member c. AC03 in its ARP cache seamlessly and transparently forward default gateway traffic to the master a. Two possible failures of a slave member are considered—the slave may be temporarily down, or the slave member may have been permanently removed.

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To accommodate various failure conditions and scenarios in the present invention, two additional, different timers are Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem in this embodiment Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem the present invention, as shown in FIG. Checks are performed periodically to determine whether slave hellos are received during the specified time TH.

If the hello from a slave is received, then the system remains in its normal condition However, when a slave fails to send a hello in timely manner, as seen at in FIG.

The AIT allows the failed member's VMAC address to remain included in the load Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem distribution algorithm of the master for a defined period of time. This timer thus provides for the possibility that the slave failure may only be temporary and that a portion of new connections that is, responses to ARPs from hosts under the load balancing distribution algorithm should still be directed to the failed member's VMAC address which is then being tended by the master.

Therefore, a check is performed to see if the slave member is still failed. If not, then the master relinquishes the VMAC address to the resumed slave at and the members stop the AIT timer atafter which the system returns to its normal condition If the slave member is still failed, then another check is performed to determine whether the time TAIT has reached the threshold limit.

If the limit has Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem been reached, then the counter is incremented at and the master continues at to assign clients to the failed slave's VMAC address.

If the AIT Gateway E-4500S Conexant Modem before the failed slave member resumes service, the master then at stops sending the failed slave's VMAC address in response to ARP inquiries as part of the distribution algorithm. At the same time, the master and all other RG members start an algorithm removal timer, the ART timer. The only time a host will notice a different source MAC address is if the host previously using the failed default gateway re-ARPs for its default gateway.

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If the slave has been permanently removed from service, it eventually must be removed altogether from any remaining RG member's state table since it is not to be used for load balancing and gateway services.

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