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Î AOpen AX3S Pro II,Ï ±Ð 6£,YKX ²ÑÒ AX3S Pro II InteI. iE Ú†œ,-. LAN žXøùFú 6' AD AC97 CODEC!"#!$F-K'AX3S Pro II. 3Ö×¹so û¥ «e)›š «e,ü ý. For example, AX3S based on iE chipset and its "Pro"-version differ in Die-Hard The fact, that the board belongs to ATX form factor, you can feel from the. I can't set the fsb on my new AX3S Pro any higher than 80mhz. By the way, AOpen-USA refused support when I said I was overclocking (I Once you find out what is causing the lack of selectable settings, you would be.

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Aopen AX3S Pro-U Driver

Sound is adequate if you're not used to 3D sound and all the associated effects.

Might be worthwhile for people on a budget or who aren't too interested in sound, for me its just a jumper switch more to kill Aopen AX3S Pro-U off. I like the positioning of the ATX power connector right at the top too.

AOpen AX3S Pro Online Manual, AOpen Motherboard Manual

On the downside I didn't like the horizontal IDE slots. They are a bit too low on the board, and the cables would only reach in my case by using the second of the two connectors. In my opinion the IDE slots should be where they placed the floppy drive connector, Aopen AX3S Pro-U vice-versa.

While 5 is probably enough for most people, I've already filled 4 on mine and could see it being a problem for some people. One good thing about Aopen AX3S Pro-U layout though is that, for me at least, the board sits one slot lower relative to the case than Aopen AX3S Pro-U BX boards I've tried.

The review on the AOpen AX3S mainboard

The integrated video doesn't have a riser card as I had expected, but rather comes premounted beside the Aopen AX3S Pro-U port, going where one of the two serial ports normally goes. I can foresee this be a slight pain when Windows goes belly-up and my USB mouse won't work, as it means I have to unplug my modem to put in a serial mouse. It could also be a problem for people wanting to use both a serial mouse and another serial device.

Audio doesn't cause a problem as it Aopen AX3S Pro-U out in one of those points on the case where there normally isn't anything.

AOPEN Motherboard - Mainboard

Finally on the nice-stuff front, it has a couple of useful LEFs, one to tell if power is getting to the motherboard, and one to tell if power is getting to RAM. Useful as a quick diagnostic check if you get that 'I won't start - help!

Aopen AX3S Pro-U Windows 8 X64

Specifications and stuff Rather than regurgitate it all, here is the link to the AOpen webbie for this board. I Aopen AX3S Pro-U the higher clock is only for the Pro version, though nowhere is this mad clear.

Given the good stability I get off this, I was left itching for higher settings. Setting it up In short, this should be pretty easy for anyone used to installing new motherboards. Its Aopen AX3S Pro-U bog-standard ATX size and the only jumper you really Aopen AX3S Pro-U to play with is the one to disable onboard sound.

Drivers Update: Aopen AX3S Pro-U

Everything else is handled from within the BIOS. As I mentioned above, the maximum FSB available to me wasnot as stated on the spec sheet. Vcore setting is available but at first I thought it was Aopen AX3S Pro-U itself to the default every time I rebooted.

When developing an electric design of the boards, AOpen used the Frequency Isolation Wall technology. The idea of this technology is the following: A power supply jack hasn't Aopen AX3S Pro-U good location as well. The cable doesn't leave enough space for a cooler.

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The board has 3DIMM slots, though this is more than enough for i northbridge you won't be able to Aopen AX3S Pro-U more than MBytes memory. Although there is special space for the second chip see the photo above. As for Award Medallion 6. Although, there are all necessary things thin configuration of memory timings and IRQ distribution.

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