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Abit AB9 Series Driver

WHATEVER, I have contacted ABIT and they gave a Beta bios for the board which supports E8XXX series cpus. It's a build of there latest. ABIT AB9 Pro motherboard specifications. CPU socket type: Socket Chipset: Intel P Express. ABIT AB9 Pro CPU compatibility list. Need some help hehe.

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Abit AB9 Series Driver

Soo, Abit AB9 Series the timings, the higher the frequency the harder the ram is working so it becomes crucial that you "loosen" the timings to reduce heat and increase stability after you reach a certain OC and the ram becomes unstable. I have had no problems what so ever. I did alot of research on our board before I got it, and the main problem people were crying aboutis ram compatibility.

Intel P abit AB9 QuadGT

Thus, fixing any issues that people are complaining about. As all ram OC's different, same as the processor.

It is never a good idea to run two different brands as this will highly limit your OC. Just the same as running 4 gigs instead of two.

The best setup for OC, is 2 x 1GB sticks that come in a pair. Also, with this ram, I was able to keep the stock settings of 2T at that speed.

CPU is at 1. The motherboard in its entirety is in a dark blue shade with heatsinks and heatpipes in copper.

All connectors are carefully placed along the edges of Abit AB9 Series board with the IDE connector in a 90 degree tilt, but not the FDD Abit AB9 Series. Around the socket we have ourselves a nice clean space with the Silent OTES heatsink as the potentially biggest problem in sight, as it in some rare very extreme cases might be located too close to the socket.

Abit AB9 Series 64Bit

Also, we have a capacitor whose position is a bit weird, but this was no problem. More of a fun thing really, as we have one Abit AB9 Series capacitor around the socket. This was no issue during our testing with the coolers used either.

Abit AB9 Pro MB and E8XXX series cpu BIOS :)

If we let ourselves take a closer look at the Silent OTES cooling, its main feature seems to be dissipating heat from the heatpipe originating from the small northbridge heatsink. Should you decide to take a tour for conventional voltage regulators, you actually find one, should you look close. One thing differs this from the original AB9 boards though, and that is the background color, the QuadGT has a regular blue one instead of the pink one that our own Crotale so dearly loves, Abit AB9 Series expressed during DreamHack.

When pressing Abit AB9 Series, this menu reveals itself.

Abit A AB9 Pro (AB9 Pro) Memory Upgrade - MemoryC

Hopefully, this board goes all the way to MHz, but that remains to be seen until the overclocking Abit AB9 Series. Higher frequencies on these ports gives you increased bandwidth between the ports, which might improve your performance in software Crossfire for instance. Otherwise, there would be very little for you to gain by tampering with this setting.

Below the PCI-Express frequency setting we have a very interesting section in form of the voltage adjustments, Voltages Control.

Abit AB9 Series 64 BIT

Lowest available setting is 1. But then again, surely noone would buy a card meant mainly for overclocking, and put in their HTPC?

This is settable between 1. Aside from the overall convenience of Serial ATA small connectors, easy to hook up, faster Abit AB9 Series speedsit also supports a whole host of useful features like Native Command Queing, hot swapping and even native external drives If it were not for optical drive manufacturers "dragging their feet", the move towards Serial ATA would already have been done Serial Abit AB9 Series is the defacto storage standard for years to come, and it's great to see motherboard manufacturers openly embrace it by plunking down forests of SATA jacks.

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Now whether you're looking for a budget or high end motherboard, chances are good that the Southbridge's Serial ATA ports have been supplemented with third party versions. From the top of the Abit AB9 Series, gamers will appreciate a full ten USB 2.

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